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Dr. Ettinger specializes in the treatment of seizures (epilepsy).

Seizures (Epilepsy)

Epilepsy is a recurrent seizure disorder caused by abnormal electrical discharges from brain cells, often in the cerebral cortex. It is not a distinct disease, it is a group of disorders for which recurrent seizures are the main symptom. Different forms of epilepsy are either secondary to a particular brain abnormality or neurological disorder, or are said to be "idiopathic," without any clear cause.

Normally, nerve transmission in the brain occurs in an orderly way, allowing a smooth flow of electrical activity. A seizure occurs when these neurons generate uncoordinated electrical discharges that spread throughout the brain. This can occur with both normal and abnormal nerve cells.

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We provide outpatient and inpatient consultative services, an inpatient epilepsy-monitoring unit, outpatient video-EEG monitoring with the use of digitrace monitoring systems, brain mapping, epilepsy surgery.

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